Issues and New Vision

I don’t think good politicians need to be experts, they need to be generalists who engage with those who have the greatest knowledge and experience of an issue area and those who feel the effects of a decision or indecision. We need people in office who can engage all sorts of people, on a variety of issues and make the best decision for the whole. I also think politicians need to engage to a larger degree all elected officials to ensure more consensus throughout legislative sessions and not wait until the last moment to get work done (which may or may not result in success). Throughout my work as Organizer on the Northstar campaign I related with Republicans and Democrats alike. I made sure they all knew the wishes of people in the St. Cloud region, and tried my best to keep them accountable to doing the work. I would expect nothing less of myself if I were elected.

I don’t necessarily think Minnesotans need a third party which is why I am running as myself, “Anne Buckvold”. I do think we need strong, independent voices that will get people clear about the issues facing the state without a partisan lens. For now, I am a trusted voice for many people in the St. Cloud region. Throughout future campaigns I hope to strengthen and grow that trust to include more people in my region, and across the state. I am also a known voice and personality at our state capitol. Last spring the new Chair of the Transportation Committee met with me and others to discuss transportation funding. He is a Republican from well outside my district, yet he was willing to meet with me. This was after I ran as a Democrat and lost. A month later I met a longtime Republican on the Education Finance committee. He too, agreed to meet with me to discuss Education funding, despite the fact I am not in his district. Politicians know me as someone who relates and sees past party line or affiliation.

As an independent I want to refocus the attention of elects on the issues that are central to governing in the state of Minnesota and outlined in our state constitution. I will personally organize elects across party line to adequately address the issues of transportation and education as they are outlined in our state constitution. I will also consult with the Chairs of Government Operations and Elections in the House (Rep. Tim O’Driscoll 13B - Sartell) and the Senate to find out what is being done to ensure voting rights are secure for all Minnesotans and that we have fair elections.

I look forward to engaging other elected leaders on the issues they are working on and show my support on the issues and solutions that I think will work for Minnesotans and families, whether they live in Greater Minnesota or in the urban and suburban areas. Good policies should work for everyone, strengthening our economy as a whole, so that we all benefit. The world will always be messy, policies aren’t meant to be or create perfect but they need to be workable, efficient and considerate of the realities of people and families living in the 21st century.
In the coming weeks I hope to share more on my views on the following issues:

  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Voting Rights and Elections
  • Water
  • Healthcare
  • Aging
  • Veterans
  • Working Families with children (young and old)
  • Housing
  • Broadband
  • LGA, Greater Minnesota and a new vision
  • Gun Rights