…or building unity across the heart of Minnesota?


I am a lifelong Minnesotan. I grew up in Minneapolis. My husband is from Breckenridge, Minnesota and just over 10 years ago we moved to St. Joseph, MN. We now live on our city’s main street with our four children Harriet (10), Jesse (9) and twins Ingrid and Francine (4 yrs) and our new puppy, Charley. I love this town, I love my state.

In 2015 I organized over 6000+ people, across party lines, into a legislative campaign to extend the Northstar rail to St. Cloud. Despite action from Republicans in the house and our Democratic Governor, the parties did not come together to extend the rail to St. Cloud.

In 2016 I decided to run for a legislative seat in an effort to bring action on this issue and greater attention to the political unity that had been created throughout the campaign. I got 444 signatures in just 4 days over the Memorial Day Weekend to run as an independent. My only choice to get on the ballot was to run as a Democrat. After a brief conversation with Republicans from my church (one in particular), I was encouraged to do so.

I lost the campaign, I lost my job but I did not lose my commitment to the people of my region and a politics that focuses on issues over party. Politics that focus on the things that connect us over those things that divide. It is a faithful grounding in the things we hold common, and in our Minnesota state constitution, that I find my inspiration and focus for my work in the public arena.

If there is a special election held for Senate District 13 in 2018 I plan to run. If that doesn’t happen I will work to campaign for the Senate Seat in 2020. I am also debating a second run for legislative seat 13A this spring 2018. For each seat I will need to generate 500 signatures from the respective district to have my name on the ballot, running as myself: Anne Buckvold. If you would like to support my campaign, please click to Support and Events page.