Buckvold, Anne. 2016. “Northstar’s failure on rails inspires candidate.” St. Cloud Times, July 2. 


In 2014, we heard a lot of campaign promises from Republicans that if elected, they would pass a transportation bill to meet the needs of Greater Minnesotans.

Many were elected, and Republicans gained the House. Two years later, they have not delivered. This concerns me and is a big reason why I am running for the House 13A seat.

Our elected officials need to be accountable. More importantly, they need to get things done.

St. Cloud to the metro is the most traveled and fastest-growing corridor in the state. Area representatives should be working toward addressing the increased transportation needs in this corridor.


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“A number of locally-elected officials and state leaders have failed to take seriously the groundswell of support for the Northstar extension to St. Cloud,” Buckvold said.

The longtime citizen activist recently served as an organizer for St. Cloud GRIP/ISAIAH, a coalition of local faith communities intent on extending the Northstar rail line to St. Cloud.

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Getting a major project like Northstar built requires a multi-pronged approach.

On the one hand, she’s met repeatedly with officials to try to get their support behind the project. Everyone from local leaders to state lawmakers to Department of Transportation officials has faced a determined Buckvold.

But she’s also made a major effort to mobilize ordinary people around St. Cloud behind completing Northstar.