Volunteers form the heart of the Anne Buckvold for House campaign. Some people have time to contribute, some have money, some have both. We need your time and energy to breathe new life into our American democracy and help Anne win this election. 

Things you can do include going door-to-door with Anne to talk with voters, holding house parties for Anne to meet voters and raise funds, talking to neighbors and friends, arranging for Anne to meet with community groups, writing letters to the editor, doing data entry, and keeping Anne informed about events in your area.

Doorknock with Anne 5-8pm on these days.  More to come.  Stay tuned for meet-up locations!
Tuesday, September 20
Thursday, September 22
Tuesday, October 18
Thursday, October 20

Upcoming House Parties

Let us know if you can attend -- or if you would like to host a house party in your neighborhood!
•5-7pm. Friday, September 9. Home of Matt & Jessica Harkins, Avon
•5-7pm. Friday, September 16.  Home of Derek Larson & Theresa Anderson, St. Joseph
•7-9pm. Friday, September 23. Home of Amelia Cheever, Cold Spring
•7-9 pm. Friday, September 30. Home of Julie Woods, Richmond

Click here to sign up or for questions.