We need to meet the changing transportation needs and values of Minnesotans with a mix of flexible transportation options. Older Minnesotans aging out of their driving years need to get groceries, go to doctor appointments, visit friends and family. Younger Minnesotans, those of lower income and those who are disabled need to get to school, to training opportunities and to jobs. People want a multi-modal approach.

Yet our Legislature has failed us again. Our elected officials need to be accountable. More importantly, they need to get things done.

St. Cloud to the metro is the most traveled and fastest-growing corridor in the state. Area representatives should be working toward addressing the increased transportation needs in this corridor.

I have a strong record of leadership with the “Finish Northstar” campaign, which began in March 2015.  By the start of legislative session 2016, we had more than 5,000 signatures of support from across four legislative districts, overwhelming support from the business community, St. Cloud State University and numerous other organizations. In a St. Cloud Times online questionnaire, 466 people said extending Northstar was worth the investment.

As lead organizer for this campaign, I repeatedly made clear Northstar was not a campaign opposing roads, but hopefully would be included as a project in a larger transportation bill.

Unfortunately, lawmakers did not pass a transportation bill. This is why I am running for House 13A. I am fiercely committed to working with lawmakers, regardless of party labels, who want to take responsibility and get things done.

I will bring the necessary cross-partisan leadership to the legislature if elected. I want to work on issues that bring people together, rather than those that further divide us.